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It's simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. We spend a lot of time listening and bringing people together. We do this not only to discover what’s genuinely special about your company, but ensure everyone is aligned and excited about creating change.



Get clear about the present and future of your organization.

Find your company story
Tell your company story



Attract the customers and talent who will accelerate your growth.



Motivate your teams by pro-actively designing and managing your culture.

Live your company story


Every choice a business makes effects its reputation. What’s your business’ reputation and what made it that way? Brand is another way to say reputation, and the smart business leader knows they need to do everything she can to manage it.

You don’t own your brand: what people think of you, your product, and your business is up to them. While you may not be able to control your reputation you *can* influence it. Last century's wisdom would say you can change minds with advertising and logos. But in today’s hyper-transparent market where a single tweet can sink a stock, graphic veneers only undermine. It is the company’s behavior that matters most.

Culture is the input and brand is the output. Small or large, every decision made within a company supports or detract from its reputation. From how you answer the phone to who you hire, the result of each behavior eventually jumps the company walls and meets the customer.

With the right guidance employees understand how to make better decision and managers get to do less micro-managing and more leading.

When company leaders take the time to 1) understand their company’s purpose and 2) define their company values they’ve taken the first steps toward success. They can now navigate with purpose as their north star and values as guideposts. When shared and embodied with colleagues behaviors emerge that help each person achieve a shared goal, improve their work, their lives and the bottom line.

When employees come to work every day, knowing what is expected of them, what it means to succeed, and why that’s important, they support the company, each other, and the customer. Great culture creates the kind of asset the best companies only dream of: brand evangelists inside and out.

Great Mondays helps ambitious leaders find, tell, and live their story so they can build and manage the most compelling culture, company, and brand.

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Great Mondays uses a six-part framework to design and build company culture that all employees love. Click to download a free poster and learn more about the Six Components of Company Culture.

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