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3 questions leaders should ask any time they’re making changes

JOSH LEVINE & LINDSEY CAPLAN, JUNE 6, 2022: It’s widely reported that 70% of all change initiatives fail. Lindsey Caplan and Josh Levine offer a framework for making change stick.

“Our employee survey results just came back, and it says they aren’t feeling valued. We need to do…something.” Our client seemed to be at a loss. She was grasping for an answer. “We have a 2-day slot in June—can you help us pull an event together where we can do something fun with recognition?”

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about employee retention lately. After addressing modern employment basics like work flexibility and refreshed perks, many leaders are asking how they can improve their culture to increase loyalty.

Cultural change is a huge undertaking. Even the best strategy or culture platform can get waylaid on the way from plan to execution. Whether increasing trust among colleagues or helping front-line staff improve the customer experience, changing behaviors is a big task for leaders and employees. On top of that, it’s widely reported that 70% of all change initiatives like these fail.

To improve the odds of launching and implementing a successful culture change program—one with results that last more than a single quarter, answer these three questions first.

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