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A Decade of Great Mondays

JOSH LEVINE, DEC 3, 2019: What a decade.

Before we pop the cork on the 2020s, it feels like a good time to reflect on all the amazing things that happened over the last ten years. While it might seem like a bit of preening on my part (it is), it’s meant to be more of an acknowledgment of the gratitude I feel for every single person who helped make the last ten years possible.

Thank you to the clients, friends, and community who made the 2010’s a fulfilling decade. I can’t wait to see what comes next.


After two-plus years, my book debuted at #1 in HR on Amazon. Thank you to the Culture LabX community for the seed, and the terrific folks at McGraw-Hill Education helping me bring it to life. Don’t have one, yet? Get a copy of your very own here.

These amazing people without whom I couldn’t have done any of this. Learn more about them here and here. // A special and final farewell to Stephanie Frieze who passed away in 2019 from cancer. She was the voice behind many of our social media accounts and was always willing to help whenever we needed. She was a good friend who will be missed. If you feel moved, please donate to the American Cancer Society.

Teaching in CCA’s amazing Design Strategy MBA program continues to be one of the most fulfilling work I do. Thank you to Nathan Shedroff, Susan Worthman, Andy Dong, and Sara Behat for letting me share what I know with the next generation of creative business leaders.

That time I was interviewed by David Brancaccio on NPR.

2018 marked a decade of leading my culture consultancy Great Mondays. (That same year we added the “s” so both the agency and book were Great Mondays.) Thanks again to everyone who helped in ways large and small.

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