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Designing an Organization's Culture in Six Parts: The Rituals Episode

School is In! Join Great Mondays founder, Josh Levine, and brand strategist/workshop facilitator Rachel Davis, for six sun-kissed episodes on youtube about how to collaborate in the Miroverse. What’s the Miroverse? It’s where creators can upload their very own Miro templates. So we did! Each week Rachel and Josh will introduce you to one of the six components of a great company culture. In order to bring your ideas to life, these episodes are interactive (and fun!). Get on board—the Miro board, that is. Josh and Rachel will show you why designing a culture that employees love is so important and how you can collaborate more effectively.

Before watching this video: we recommend sending the youtube link to a few others on your team. Start collaborating as you watch the video together and then compare your notes. Get the bees buzzing. If you want a reliable reference buy Josh's book Great Mondays: How to Design a Company Culture Employees Love. And if you want more help, hire us! We love working with ambitious, creative companies in every industry.

Let's tune in to Episode 5. In this episode we discuss Rituals, those activities that create and strengthen the synapses of culture. You guessed it, #relationships.

  • Welcome back! Josh Levine and Rachel Davis are your dynamic hosts at Great Mondays Summer School. Listen to Josh give a tour of the value in having rituals and why the post-pandemic office needs these recurring activities even more today. If you're part of a distributed work team, take notes.

  • Get into the process of designing and creating rituals for your teams. There are rituals for large groups and small groups, rituals that are explicitly laid out and those that are more implicit. You'll want to follow along to get the proper low down.

  • Collaborate! You'll spend some time writing out those rituals your org (or made-up org) currently has, followed by 'lightning talks' about each one. If you're wondering what a lightning talk is, you'll need to tune in.

  • Experiment with how to fail at creating a ritual that doesn't improve relationships, find what you like, put the same ritual in more than one category, and more.

  • Keep collaborating. Lean into the awesome effects of shared common interests amongst distributed team members and how to "allow" emergent rituals to just do their thing.

  • Josh poses some commonly asked questions and gives the answers you need to really stay in the flow of designing rituals. If this is all new, right on! It's fun to do, so we're glad you're here.

Rituals create opportunities to know the people you work with a lot better and in turn those relationships add to a great culture. Thanks for hanging in there today. Great job! Be sure to tune back in next week for Summer School's final class, Episode 6, all about cues. We'll see you there!

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