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Gearing Up For Culture Change? Answer These 3 Questions First

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Ask any leadership team if their new re-org or strategic roadmap achieved its goals, and most will probably answer with a resounding "sort of." In fact, 70% of all change management plans fail to deliver long-term value. How can change leaders improve their odds of success? Start by asking these three questions:

  1. WHAT DO WE WANT TO BE DIFFERENT? ️ ⚡️Identify measurable ways that your organization will look and function in the future. The goal is to drive into the details that will be supported by the behaviors that drive that change.

  2. WHAT'S IN IT FOR EMPLOYEES? ️ ⚡️If you want others to change for the greater good, appeal to their vanity. Team members should understand clearly how they benefit from making these adjustments.

  3. WHAT COULD GET IN THE WAY OF THE CHANGE WE WANT? ️ ⚡️Create an environment that supports these new habits so that the best conditions are intact in order for change to thrive in any workplace.

Change is hard, but starting doesn't have to be. Learn more about supercharging your change strategy along with bonus tips on finding your answers here.

It's a piece I put together for FastCompany with my long-time collaborator Lindsey Caplan.



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