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Great Colleagues of 2019

JUN 24, 2019: Recognizing some of the badass women that have contributed to Great Mondays’ success and culture this year.

Sometimes work can feel thankless. Well we’re here and feeling very thankful for some of the amazing folks that we’ve crossed paths with in 2019. Clients and coworkers alike, these rock stars are doing the kind of work that deserves to be seen. Thank you. #recognition

Read more about how recognition plays a significant role in your company culture here and how you can improve it through talent recognition programs.

Zarah Gulamhusein, VP of People, PagerDuty Zarah is Head of People at the most self-aware and fastest-growing client we’ve had the pleasure of working with, PagerDuty. She brought us in to develop new cultural values in 2018 and we’ve been happily trying to keep up with her (did wemention fast pace?) ever since. She has a lot to be proud of, but wouldn’t you know she’s got that Canadian humility down to an art.

Becca Hoeft, Chief Brand Officer, Sunrise Banks As a community bank, Sunrise Banks is known for their down-to-earth culture. But it was Becca who saw the opportunity to reinvent the customer experience by leveraging their amazing people. Her leadership set us up for success; we can’t wait to see what she takes on next.

Shelby Jones, Brand Strategist, Great Mondays When we met Shelby we knew she’d be a star, but we didn’t know how brightly she’d shine. Not only has she grown into all the new roles and responsibilities we’ve thrown at her, she is the glue that holds our team together. Every day she pumps us up, keeps us laughing, and delivers with heart and soul. And she does it all with fabulous street style…work, but make it fashion!

Andrea Constantinides, Director, Recruiting Innovation & Operations, PagerDuty We don’t want to think about where we’d be without Andrea’s whip smart leadership and charismatic charm. She’s been our direct partner on multiple projects with PagerDuty, yet we still haven’t figured out how she delivers 24/7— rain or shine. Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s classified?

Jocelyn Mangan, Founder, Him For Her We met Jocelyn on a previous project and became instant fans. (Some call her The Glitter Gun of Positivity, need we say more? Yes.) She’s a leader in the technology and dining space with all the recipes for success. Upon launching here new non-profit, Jocelyn asked us to help her team create corporate values. Him For Her places more women on for-profit boards at some of the top organizations through curated dinners hosted by business luminaries. You’re obsessed. We get it.

Stephanie Frieze, Operations, Great Mondays collaborator Stephanie has been killing it behind the scenes as Great Mondays ops magician and strategist since basically forever (2012). She is a two-time cancer survivor and an all-time hero for the level of professionalism, efficiency, and just plain nice-ness she embodies.

Jenifer Waldrop, Project Manager, Great Mondays collaborator The voice of reason and sense of calm at Great Mondays, Jen is always on track, on time, and on brand. With an expert background in culture and employee engagement from her time at Verizon she leads culture projects and teams with confidence, understanding, and care. We’re glad, but not surprised, she chooses to work with us.

Erica Frye, Director of Strategy, Great Mondays collaborator “Ace”, as we call her, holds all the best cards when it comes to the game of defining a winning brand strategy. In the time she’s partnered with GM (going on 8 years now) she has embraced her innate ability for mentoring young talent and unleashed her highly developed skills for delivering unique client experiences. I mean, ::snort laughs:: she’s our Director of Strategy for a reason, people.

Lindsay Wolff Logsdon, VP of People, LOGE Camps Lindsay is nothing short of a culture rock star. We’ve known her for a long time, but had the pleasure of working with her this year on a few amazing project. She delivers epic employee experiences, has an eye for design, and basically re-invented cultural activation. Her years of experience in the halls of FROG design and Square, not to mention her leadership as a Culture LabX co-founder may have gotten her the title of VP at LOGE, but she’s only just getting started.

Lisa Clapper, Senior Strategist, Great Mondays collaborator When we met Lisa (tip of the hat to Erica) we immediately adopted her into our work fam’. Lisa has optimism and rad storytelling written into her DNA and has brought so much of that to the Great Mondays team. 2018 was only the beginning, but we can already tell it’s gonna be good. We see you Lisa, or as she would say, “NamasYay!”

Read more about how recognition plays a significant role in your company culture here and how you can improve it through talent recognition programs.

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