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Great Mondays: How To Design A Company Culture Employees Love

JOSH LEVINE, AUG 11, 2020: Build a dynamic work culture that inspires employees and promotes organizational growth

Available on Amazon: Buy now.

Evidence shows culture drives fiscal performance. It’s no secret that a toxic work culture can drive away employees and drive down profits. Creating a dynamic work culture that promotes both employee and business growth is key to ensuring an organization’s success. However, culture is a moving target and hard to get right. In Great Mondays, brand strategist Josh Levine introduces a proven formula for building and managing a workplace culture that maximizes employee engagement, performance, and retention for long-term business success.

Written in a punchy, outcomes-driven style, Great Mondays reveals the six components for driving culture change in any type of organization:

•Purpose: the motivating force―the North Star of an organization that both inspires and guides

•Values: the powerful culture guardrails that establish behavioral expectations of employees and leaders

•Behaviors: the culturally-aligned symptoms and actions of a work culture

•Recognition: the ways in which organizations can more effectively reward employees

•Rituals: the regular activities that create and strengthen relationships between individuals

•Cues: the physical and behavioral reminders designed to reconnect everyone to the organization’s purpose and goals for the future

With real-life case studies drawn from Silicon Valley heavy hitters, prominent nonprofits, major corporations, and respected universities, leaders of all levels will find expert guidance and proven strategies they can put to use to create a dynamic culture where employees thrive and business grows.

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