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If you're a strategist at Great Monday chances are you're a designer too. With degrees from Purdue, Hartford Art School, and Academy of Art and heavy involvement with the AIGA we value design and what it gave us — a network of brilliant folks, empathy, and a platform to share what we've discovered beyond design. To prove that we present to you photos of a student group we hosted from UC Davis' graphic design club PIXEL.

They asked for a studio tour. That took about 7 minutes. We are designers but not a design agency, so we asked if we could deepen their view of design using our lens for brand, strategy, business design and of course, culture. Thanks for being a brilliant and curious audience. Not pictured here is the elusive Erica Frye, a mythical Great Monday creature rarely captured on film.

Follow the amazing PIXEL design students @pixelofdavis on Instagram

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