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The Culture Canvas

JOSH LEVINE, JAN 30, 2020: A new tool to design your org culture together, even when you are apart.

The Culture Canvas 2.0. Now, interactive!

Get your copy of the Culture Canvas: > Open the Google Sheet > Download the PDF

I’ve always loathed overstuffed strategy docs. With so many parts and pages, how do I use it? So, when I first discovered the business model canvas, I was an instant-fan.

This is why I can’t believe it took me this long to realize I should create a single-page strategy template for culture.

The Culture Design Canvas pulls together all the components of culture from my book, Great Mondays. Each chapter explains the elements along with how to apply them. There are even exercises to help get you started. If you haven’t read it, here, briefly is each part:


Write why you are in business beyond making money.


Shared beliefs about what is most important when conducting business.


Employee decisions guided by a company’s purpose and values.


Programs that applaud culture-aligned behaviors.


Activities that build and strengthen relationships.


Physical and behavioral reminders that help people stay connected to the future.

I can’t wait to hear how the Culture Canvas helps you and your org,

If you like the Culture Canvas head over to my site where I’ve got more free culture tools.

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