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Designing an Organization's Culture in Six Parts: The Purpose Episode

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

School is In! Join Great Mondays founder, Josh Levine, and brand strategist/workshop facilitator Rachel Davis, for six sun-kissed episodes on youtube about how to collaborate in the Miroverse. What’s the Miroverse? It’s where creators can upload their very own Miro templates. So we did! Each week Rachel and Josh will introduce you to one of the six components of a great company culture. In order to bring your ideas to life, these episodes are interactive (and fun!). Get on board—the Miro board, that is. Josh and Rachel will show you why designing a culture that employees love is so important and how you can collaborate more effectively

Before watching this video: we recommend sending the youtube link to a few others on your team. Start collaborating as you watch the video together and then compare your notes. Get the bees buzzing. If you want a reliable reference buy Josh's book Great Mondays: How to Design a Company Culture Employees Love. And if you want more help, hire us! We love working with ambitious, creative companies in every industry.

Let's tune in to Episode 1. In this episode we discuss Purpose, aka the motivating force. Purpose is the North Star of an organization that both inspires and guides.

  • Greetings. Meet Rachel Davis, the brilliant workshop facilitator and creative strategist alongside the principal and founder of Great Mondays, Josh Levine, as they kick off Summer School in the Miroverse. Each week Rachel and Josh will co-host an episode and introduce you to one of the six components of great company culture. If you want to keep sharpening your tools, summer school is the place to do it.

  • Intro to the First Component of Culture: Purpose aka Why Am I Here? Josh walks you through the meaning inside of a company's purpose and why it's so important to have a grounded purpose beyond making money.

  • Overview of Miroverse. Rachel shows you where to find the Great Monday boards inside of Miro and explains what is so exciting about these new collaboration tools that we now have.

  • Guided Activity #1: Using Great Mondays Purpose Template. Josh poses a question and Rachel demonstrates in real time how multiple teams can chuck in their answer, swap notes, and get their ideas seen.

  • Collaborate with your team! This is a classic break-out session. You know what to do and you can pause for brainstorms or keep watching until class is over.

  • Vote on the Best Ideas. In order to draft the best purpose statement, it's important to aggregate the most used words and phrases. The Miro board allows you to visualize a heat map of the best ideas so your team can vote on the best direction to take.

  • Guided Activity #2: Writing a purpose statement. Did you think we were done with purpose? Not so fast. Now that you have all the ingredients you can write a great purpose statement for your company.

  • More collaboration!

  • Time's Up. The bell has rung and class is over. Your ideas will remain in Miro so join Josh and Rachel for their next class on Values.

Don't miss the next class! Your purpose statement is just the beginning of a great workplace culture. In the next episode, join Josh and Rachel for insights into company values. How do you live these after they've been written? Josh and Rachel show you how. Tune in!

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