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Hi, great to meet you.

Josh Levine Great Mondays Principal
Erica Frye Great Mondays Director of Strategy


As the founder of Great Mondays Josh is passionate about helping clients improve the work they do every day. He is an educator, designer, and best-selling author, but above all, he is on a mission to help organizations design a culture advantage.


Erica thrives on helping purpose-driven organizations identify core values and strengths, discover opportunities for growth and change, and connect with audiences through storytelling. She believes wholeheartedly that solutions reveal themselves through research, research, and more research.

Not pictured here are the many geniuses that make up Great Mondays' extended work 'fam.' They arrive on the scene when their unique abilities are needed most. Especially when there are snacks.

Great Mondays Team monsters
Great Mondays Team monster