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Designing an Organization's Culture in Six Parts: The Cues Episode

School is In! Join Great Mondays founder, Josh Levine, and brand strategist/workshop facilitator Rachel Davis, for six sun-kissed episodes on youtube about how to collaborate in the Miroverse. What’s the Miroverse? It’s where creators can upload their very own Miro templates. So we did! Each week Rachel and Josh will introduce you to one of the six components of a great company culture. In order to bring your ideas to life, these episodes are interactive (and fun!). Get on board—the Miro board, that is. Josh and Rachel will show you why designing a culture that employees love is so important and how you can collaborate more effectively.

Before watching this video: we recommend sending the youtube link to a few others on your team. Start collaborating as you watch the video together and then compare your notes. Get the bees buzzing. If you want a reliable reference buy Josh's book Great Mondays: How to Design a Company Culture Employees Love. And if you want more help, hire us! We love working with ambitious, creative companies in every industry.

Let's tune in to Episode 6. In this episode we discuss Cues, the reminders designed to keep everyone connected to the organization's future.

  • Intro to Josh Levine, the founder and principal of Great Mondays and his co-host Rachel Davis, Miro expert and brand strategist extraordinaire. In this final episode of Summer School Josh talks about cubes, rather cues within an organization that keep employees and leaders focused on the future.

  • Rachel shows her adoration for the Miroverse and describes why Miro is her favorite virtual tool for collaborating.

  • Josh gives an overview of Cues and explains the four different types: Things, Actions, Visual and Behavioral cues and identifies those that are immediate, those that can be long term, and some which are aspirational. How interesting! You're off to a great start with his insights and there are plenty of awesome examples that bring each type of cue to life. In this section, you'll see how the cues of a company point back to every other component of culture that we've covered to date, in episodes 1-5.

  • Activity Time! If you thought those Hawaiian shirts were just a silly joke, we've fooled you. Rachel and Josh have deftly demonstrated throughout Summer School a core use of visual cues! You'll get to spend time in this activity pulling in work from previous classes and connecting your purpose statement, values, and even your ideal behaviors to the cues you design.

  • A moment to honor and appreciate 'celebration cycles.'

  • Design a quadrant in Miro and categorize cues across different components of culture. If this sounds odd in written copy it makes a hell of a lot more sense when Josh and Rachel demo the exercise.

  • Selection time! Choose your best cue from one quadrant.

  • Evaluate what you've learned so far by answering a series of questions that your dynamic co-hosts pose. Once you get through all of them you are ready to elevate the work you've created.

That's all folks. Thanks so much for joining Josh and Rachel and following us here at Great Mondays for the freshest Summer School ever. Stay in touch with us! Follow us on LinkedIN and shoot us a note if you're looking to hire a culture expert. We'd love to help you.

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