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Designing an Organization's Culture in Six Parts: The Values Episode

School is In! Join Great Mondays founder, Josh Levine, and brand strategist/workshop facilitator Rachel Davis, for six sun-kissed episodes on youtube about how to collaborate in the Miroverse. What’s the Miroverse? It’s where creators can upload their very own Miro templates. So we did! Each week Rachel and Josh will introduce you to one of the six components of a great company culture. In order to bring your ideas to life, these episodes are interactive (and fun!). Get on board—the Miro board, that is. Josh and Rachel will show you why designing a culture that employees love is so important and how you can collaborate more effectively.

Before watching this video: we recommend sending the youtube link to a few others on your team. Start collaborating as you watch the video together and then compare your notes. Get the bees buzzing. If you want a reliable reference buy Josh's book Great Mondays: How to Design a Company Culture Employees Love. And if you want more help, hire us! We love working with ambitious, creative companies in every industry.

Let's tune in to Episode 2. In this episode we discuss Values, those powerful guardrails that guide the behavioral expectations of employees and leaders.

  • Greetings from Josh Levine and Rachel Davis, a Miro ninja, who will guide you through the Great Mondays template on Values.

  • Intro to the Second Component of Culture: Values. These are the guardrails that guide behaviors at your company for your employees and your leaders. Josh outlines why it matters that companies know the three to five most important things to focus on when creating a set of values and how to refresh them for a growing company. Also known as: let's climb a mountain together.

  • Guided Activity: Using Great Mondays Values Template. Josh introduces the importance of having culture ambassadors, how to choose them, and Rachel shares with you one of her personal faves. For the next part, you'll need your thinking cap!

  • Collaborate with your team. You and your team will follow Rachel's prompts to create a set of behaviors that describe your ideal culture ambassador. Plus, you'll learn the ultimate sense-making tool in the Miroverse.

  • Vote on the Best Ideas. In order to establish your set of values you'll want to identify behaviors that will create the best impact over the long term. Josh gives you his pro-insights on why grouping your ideas into themes will help the best ones emerge. You got this!

  • Guided Activity #2: Follow Josh and Rachel into another way to choose the ideal presenter for your company and list the attributes of that person that you admire and why. Creative juices are flowing at this point. Your team circles up (haha in the Miroverse) for another round of voting. Bonus material here with Big Bird, Lizzo, and Harry Potter but you really gotta watch this episode to find out what's with all these all stars.

  • Next, Josh tees up the Great Mondays Values Framework. Now that you've participated in the above two exercises, you're ready to write your company values. This part involves copywriting as you begin articulating those ideas.

  • Class Summary. Rachel and Josh tie a bow on this lesson with three key takeaways for developing your values. Who is the best ambassador for your culture? What are the leading themes ? How does this correlate to your written guidelines ?

  • Bell rings with a musical goodbye (hint: jazz hands).

We look forward to "seeing you" in next week's class, Episode 3, on Behaviors.

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